2016 Results

Congratulations to all the teams, coaches and colleges. This year was the first event where every single team finished the race and no time penalties or disqualifications were incurred. The quality of the navigation displayed by the teams blew the course setters away and we were very lucky to have some great weather which made Endpoint a real treat.

Congratulations to BnG on taking out the Bill Packard Trophy for winning division 1 (for the 4th year in a row) and the Inward Bound Trophy for winning the overall event.

The times, places and overall scores are below:


Overall College Placing and Points

Place College Points
1st BnG 114
2nd Johns 109
3rd Burgmann 99
4th Ursula 88
5th Griffin 87
6th Fenner 80
7th Unilodge 71
8th Bruce 69



Referee’s decision on Complaint leveled against BnG Div 1

Briefing Summary + Donuts

A lot has changed in 18 months! If you wanted to look at anything from the runners briefing tonight, please see the slides below.

Here are the Donuts for each division:

  • DIVISION 7: 14-26km
  • DIVISION 6: 15-29km
  • DIVISION 5: 21-32km
  • DIVISION 4: 19-41km
  • DIVISION 3: 3-46km
  • DIVISION 2: 37-59km
  • DIVISION 1: 30-69km
Inward Bound Gear

Scrutineering and Departure Times

Teams in each of the divisions need to be at Bruce Hall by the times listed below. It is crucial that all divs depart at the set time. As such, all teams need to arrive at scrut with ALL compulsory equipment. There will be no time to get equipment you have forgotten or left at college. Failure to arrive on time and with all compulsory gear will incur penalties for your team.

2016 Scrutineering and Departure times Friday 14th October (There are no mistakes):


Runners to

arrive at Scrut

Depart ANU

Div 1 17:30 18:30
Div 2 18:00 18:30
Div 3 20:00 21:00
Div 4 21:00 22:00
Div 5 21:30 22:30
Div 6 23:00 00:00
Div 7 22:00 23:00

We reccomend that you undertake a practice scrutineer at your college/hall prior to leaving for Bruce Hall. This will minimise the possibility of forgetting or misplacing compulsory items.

Rules for 2016 have been finalised

Please see the Race Rules page for more Information.

As with every year, the rules are tweaked to suit the event and the course. This year the rules have had a major facelift, we’ve simplified them, reducing the document by 20% and made some important changes.

Important changes are listed below:

-Female quota
-Simplification and speed of complaints (have to be made within 3 hours of last team finishing)
-Water on the course and rules surrounding
-Inclusion of the maps we’ve made to be counted as an option for compulsory maps
-Female coach requirement
-Removal of light cord and groundsheet from compulsory items.
-Categorisation of penalties for missing equipment.
-lowered some penalties (for losing ID card and other equipment)
-Pushed the cutoff time back to 7pm, cutoff to be enforced strictly unlike previous years.
-Modest changes to scoring to help to disincentivise ‘stacking’ of lower divisions.
Most of these changes were flagged and discussed at the consultation over a year ago.