Rules for 2016 have been finalised

Please see the Race Rules page for more Information.

As with every year, the rules are tweaked to suit the event and the course. This year the rules have had a major facelift, we’ve simplified them, reducing the document by 20% and made some important changes.

Important changes are listed below:

-Female quota
-Simplification and speed of complaints (have to be made within 3 hours of last team finishing)
-Water on the course and rules surrounding
-Inclusion of the maps we’ve made to be counted as an option for compulsory maps
-Female coach requirement
-Removal of light cord and groundsheet from compulsory items.
-Categorisation of penalties for missing equipment.
-lowered some penalties (for losing ID card and other equipment)
-Pushed the cutoff time back to 7pm, cutoff to be enforced strictly unlike previous years.
-Modest changes to scoring to help to disincentivise ‘stacking’ of lower divisions.
Most of these changes were flagged and discussed at the consultation over a year ago.