Information about the Proposed Spectator Buses

This proposal is now under review following initial feedback. The information below is no longer current (4/4/16). Please understand that we take feedback seriously and are working to make this a positive initiative for the event.

As some of you may have heard through ISO, it is the committee’s intention to run a supporters shuttle bus service to and from EndPoint this year. We wanted to give a little more information about the proposal so people can make an informed opinion.
  1. The Committee has already attained private funding for over 50% of the cost of this service and is seeking to fund the remainder through other means. I.e. it is the Committee’s intention to make this service free to supporters. 
  2. The restriction on the number of cars that will be allowed to drive to EP is to reduce parking problems at EP and to provide incentive to use the service. Our current proposal limits the number of cars allowed to drive to Endpoint to 7 cars associated with each college. If a college does not use all of the allocated cars in it’s quota, then we can re-allocate these to colleges which wish to have more cars.
  3. For more information on this initiative, please read the full proposal below, which includes a draft timetable for the busses.
If you have any further questions on this initiative, please feel free to ask, we will take on the feedback from the ISO survey, in the same way as we have been taking on ISO’s feedback in trying to make this arrangement something that people will appreciate.