Highway Crossing in Bupa IB16

Highway crossing explainer

Our big reveal

There will be a highway crossing in Inward Bound this year. We wont say how many teams need to cross a highway but it is imperative that if your team needs to cross a highway, that they do so at the designated highway crossing which will be marked on the course information sheet (see example above). There will be volunteers stationed at the crossing on both sides (entry and exit) and if the adjoining road is offset (as above) then they will instruct where to cross and how to run on the highway for the section that must be travelled.

Important things to remember:

  • All highways are out of bounds.
  • Coursing along and crossing highways whether over or under the highway apart from at the designated crossings will disqualify your team.
  • The Course Information sheet will also show ‘dummy’ crossings fake crossing that are far outside the course area so as to not give away the location of the course.

Finer details:

  • The crossing marker (2 concentric circles) mark the location of the highway crossings.
  • The green shading shows the way the crossing is to be performed and the roads which must be used. In this example, it is clear that, if approaching from the south (Bungendore Road), that the team remain on the southern side of the Federal Highway until directly opposite the northern road (Shingle Hill Way(not labelled)).


New Course Maps

Instagram Scavenger Hunt and More!

In the lead up to IB this year we have a few social media competitions and initiatives to help build excitement for this years event. Importantly, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to keep up with all the latest news, including some juicy course hints 😉

Instagram Scavenger Hunt (Every Monday from Bushweek)

Each week we will post on our Instagram account the grid reference for a landmark in and around the city. The aim is for your college to take one of its training runs to that location, take a photo with the landmark in the background with as many people as you can fit in the photo. Upload it to Insta with the #BupaIB16 and it will appear on a feed on the homepage of the website (set profile to public). The college to win the most landmarks (most number of people in the most number of photos) will win a prize after IB. Prize currently includes Zambreros for the entire team and we’re waiting to hear back from some other suppliers before confirming the other prizes. 


  • Grid reference posted on Monday , upload Pic by the following Sunday.
  • Take a photo with the landmark in the background and as many people as possible in the foreground (we’ll be counting the number of people so they need to be clearly visible)
  • Use #[Your College], #BupaIB16 when uploading your pics to Instagram
  • We’ll announce each weeks winner on the Monday.

Guess that Location (Every Saturday)

Each week we will post a photo on Instagram of a landmark on previous and possible IB courses. Comment your guess as to the name and location of the landmark.

IB Legends

Every week for 8 weeks leading up to IB this year we will feature one “Legend” ex-resident from each college who has a special story to tell about Inward Bound on Instagram.  If you have any suggestions for your college’s IB legend, please use the contact form below the Instagram Feed.


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Spectator Bus Plan

After the feedback earlier this term we have arrived at a final plan regarding the spectator buses for the event this year.

Important updates:

  • The service is free.
  • Times specified for the return journey are flexible (i.e. when a bus is full before the set departure time, then the bus will depart for the return journey), likewise, if a bus is only half full at the allocated departure time, then it will wait until it is at least 75% full before beginning the return journey. There will be a designated spectator bus officer who will liaise with college coordinators to make this work, we’re confident that buses will be able to be kept close to the scheduled times.
    • We have built in excess capacity with the additional 3 buses as well as a fleet of mini buses (4 x 12 seats) which we will retain at EP until the end of the event, this way no one is stranded and colleges can confidently fill the allocated bus at 6:30 in the morning.
  • The assumption has been made that one stop can occur on the return journey, no stops on the way out in the morning.

Driving to EP:

  • There will be no limit on the number of spectator cars that can be driven to EP.
  • Spectators who drive will still be required to register their car and themselves online, signing an online indemnity form before departing ANU. Our carpark attendants will be checking numberplates and unregistered drivers could incur punishments for their colleges.
  • Ex-ressies only have to register if they are taking passengers who are current residents.

Please see the attached Timetable:

Partnership with Bupa Australia

We’re excited to announce Bupa Australia as the principal and naming rights sponsor for the 54th Annual Inward Bound. This is the most significant partnership and investment by the private sector in the event’s 54 year history and reflects the event’s place as a unique student adventure race. So this year we’re pulling out all the stops to put on a very special event. We’re looking forward to working with Bupa this year to improve the event and provide students with access to discounts and deals on a range of products that will help them to participate in the event.

The partnership provides great economic benefits to participants and spectators, as outlined in the draft busses proposal, the entire proceeds of the partnership help to fund the spectator and competitor busses. We are still yet to finalise the latest bus proposal and will have this published on the website here before the end of term. It is now the committee’s intention to fund the initiative on its own, following feedback, we will not be enforcing a spectator car limit but will still be enforcing cars and drivers to be registered before departing ANU for the trip to EndPoint.


Bupa joins ANU Sport and SEEF (Student Extra-curricular Enrichment Fund) who have been long standing sponsors of the event and who we thank for their ongoing support. More information about the partnership can be made available on request. The committee follows full disclosure on matters and initiatives involving student’s funds.